Monday, August 1, 2011

Music Monday (#2)--Double Feature

This week I couldn't help but share two artists that have deeply inspired me this past week. The first is a music video by British artist Ellie Goulding. I absolutely love this song, "Starry Eyed"--and the video! And just as a random statement, her facial features remind me of a younger J. K. Rowling, but that's probably just me (lol).

And for artist number two: Within Temptation

This band helped inspire me for my current novel long ago, and listening to them again helped rekindle that inspiration. Here are a few of my favorite songs that will be listed on Angel Wing's soundtrack--or if they're not on that soundtrack, they will be featured on one of the books in the trilogy.

Songs: "Our Solemn Hour," "The Howling," "What Have You Done," and "Angels"

The first song listed really feels to me like it should be a representation of the whole trilogy, due to what the song is about which is war. The second song listed is in second place for trilogy representation, though (lol).  Oh, and in this first song, "Sanctus Espiritus" is Latin for Holy Spirit--or so I'm told.

Are there any songs that have inspired you this week, or any that have simply rocked your socks off?

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