Monday, August 1, 2011

Awesome July

Hi everyone! I can't hold it in any longer. I have to say that July was a pretty awesome month. I won four books--Divergent being one--Divergent tattoos, and an amazing blog award--thanks again Francesca Zappia! :D

In May, I submitted an entry to Novel Novice, a dedicated YA book website that has monthly writing contests, and their book of the month at the time was Divergent. Most of the time the writing contest is for short stories, but in May it was an essay and the question was "What's your faction?" Yesterday I discovered that I was one of the five winners, and I just wanted to share my entry with you all. I hope you guys like it!

"To hear my name at the Choosing Ceremony would send my heart into a frenzy. I’ve never been good with crowds, and having hundreds of people hungrily watch me make the biggest decision of my life wouldn’t help my anxiety. And to top it off, they hand me a knife.

Well, at least it’s meant for me to cut myself…

When I ask others, “Which faction do you think I belong in?” I always get the same answer. Abnegation. It’s a complement and I want to help others, but I am too selfish to be eternally selfless.

I will be involved.

As for Candor, I respect honesty, but the truth can hurt others too much for me to bear.

I will be kind.

And let’s face it; I don’t have a brave bone in my body. Though I dream for the excitement of a Dauntless life, I dream of a life in a faction more.

I will be self-sufficient.

As I stand at the faction bowls, the tip of the blade making a scarlet mark across my palm, I am at a crossroads. Erudite or Amity?

I’ve always pictured my bookish-self trying to expand my knowledge, but I question my potential. Intelligence is innate, not learned, and I fear I would fail Erudite’s initiation. Though there is a conflict between Erudite and Abnegation, but I will not let it influence my decision.

I will forgive.

Then there is Amity, a society who cherishes many of the same aspects as I do: forgiveness, kindness, trust. I could have a helpful career as a counselor; I can flaunt the beautiful colors red and yellow.

I will trust, even if only in myself.
So I plunge my hand over a bowl and let my blood drip onto soil.
I am Amity, I am peace."
 If I were really in the choosing ceremony, I would probably panic between erudite and amity, and maybe even dauntless.

Just for fun, what faction might you choose?


  1. ^_^

    I really liked your entry, it's no wonder they picked it. Hmmm, what faction would I be....

    Well, I'm too mean and belligerent to be Amity...
    I enjoy the flexibility of lying too much for Candor...
    I think doing stunts to prove "bravery" is stupid, so no Dauntless...
    And I love myself waaaaaay too much to be Abnegation.

    lol So I guess I'm Erudite. Knowledge is power, and all that jazz.

  2. Congratulations Aimee. I love your entry... they picked you right :) You're really good at writing you know. Keep it up! :) XOXO! Oh, I guess this time I'll choose Amity too!